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Generic category for website hacks where original pages of compromised sites are replaced with content that states the site has been hacked.
The most common reasons for defacements are 1. hacktivism (the replacement pages contain some political statements),
competitions between hacker teams (pages with team logos serve as proofs of hacks) and extorsion (asking money to restore and/or secure the site).
Usually the replacement page is just a tip of the iceberg and hacked sites contain varios backdoors and malicious files.


Any website can be defaced. Small hacker groups deface hundreds of poorly protected websites every day. Serious hacktivist groups target large sites
where millions of people can read their statements. Every now and then you hear in the news about hacked and defaced major media and government sites.


The first step of cleaning any defacement is replacing the modified pages with their originals. Backup is your best friend. But it's just a beginning.
You should search for all sorts of malicious files that the attackers could hide on your server. And of course, you should identify and close the security hole.
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