Here at Sucuri Labs, our Malware Research team works diligently to stay ahead of the website security threat landscape.

Our investigations and analysis are a key component in the development of our cleanup rules and signatures. These pieces of code provide our tools with the information required to identify and mitigate a variety of known threats, including hidden backdoors, website defacements, and website software vulnerabilities.

To provide more guidance on our signature names, affected environments, cleanup instructions, and related code samples, we’ve broken down the list into three different categories.

SiteCheck Signatures

Signatures in this category include any items detected on SiteCheck, our remote malware scanner. The majority of these signatures include a brief description and a reference sample of the detected threat.

Malware Signatures

This category includes malware signatures that are detected and cleaned during our Incident Response process. Brief descriptions of the issue are provided, along with malware samples when available.