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A hidden iframe is detected. The iframe has a style that makes it invisible on a web page. It can be small iframes dimensions as in the following sample:

<iframe src="hxxp://hbaehanfznjfh[.]​EkcJBQYNAwcCAQMMAw==" width="1" height="1">

off screen position

<iframe src='hxxp://82 .200 .204 .151/' style='position:​absolute;top:​-1000px;left:​-1000px;text-indent:​-1000;width:​1px;height:​1px;'>

or a direct instruction to make the iframe hidden

<iframe src="hxxp://x3b[.]ru:8080/index.php" width=157 height=136 style="visibility: hidden">

Not all invisible iframes are malicious. If you think that we shouldn't report some specific iframe, plese contact us.

Affecting: Any web site (no specific target).