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Malware entry: MW:FREE:4025


A hidden and suspicious javascript (or iframe) was found on the site. It is loaded from a free dynamic IP address (or domain) and meant to infect visitors of the site. Loads malware from multiple locations:


Any web site

Clean up:

This malware is generally hidden on .js or .php files without heavy encoding. Sign up here to get it cleaned: http://sucuri.net/signup


Malware dump (sample of malware):

*See also, htaccess redirection to http://jaobsofterty.ru/in.cgi?2 and http://powerprogramm.ru/make/index.php: .htaccess redirections to powerprogramm.ru, jaobsofterty.ru and others

For all our web-based malware signatures, go here: http://labs.sucuri.net/?malwaredb