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Seeing some variations on how sites are getting hacked to link to the blackhole exploit kit. This is the type of encoded javascript we are seeing inserted into sites now:

Which are pointing to multiple URLs on the .gg.biz and .rr.nu TLD ( ex: http://dmujkkz.igg.biz/d/404.php?go=1, odzyzjyyi.rr.nu, mqvtrt.got-game.org, etc). More details to come.
A few days ago, we posted a list of domains hosting webshells for timthumb related attacks. We identified more than 420 different URLs hosting those backdoors.

What is interesting is that during the same period, we identified almost 1,000 ip addresses scanning sites for vulnerable thimthumb scripts on WordPress themes and plugins. Those are all the ips and the number of hits we detected:

And we will keep monitoring them.
We have been tracking timthumb.php related attacks for a little while. And they are still at full force. Just for the month of May, tohse are the domains we identified hosting backdoors that were used by the attackers (420 different urls).

And most of them are still live. If you download them you will see many backdoor variations:

And we will keep monitoring them.
Seeing many sites compromised with an iframe pointing to http://lowresolutionit.in/in.cgi?6, mostly on outdated WordPress. That domain is currently redirecting to http://hewjzkgvkhwec.tk/27973751.html and then to fake AV.

Backdoor: Contact1

2012-05-24  by  Daniel B. Cid
Magno (from our support team ) found this pretty backdoor on a compromised site. As we keep saying, just searching for evals + base64_decode wouldn't cut anymore.

*If you enjoy decoding backdoors and are looking for a job, please try this one and send the results to dcid@sucuri.net :)
Yes, that's all for the backdoor.
Another interesting backdoor:

You may not be aware, but the preg_replace function with the "e" parameter, allows full code execution (eval). When you transform the hex chars, you get "eval ( gzinflate ( base64_decode ( " which runs all the code in the long block of characters inside the preg_replace.