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ESET Reputation Warning

Sucuri recently partnered with ESET, and added their URL reputation engine to our malware scanners. It means that for every site we scan, we will also check if it is being blacklisted by them.

What does it mean? ESET is a popular anti virus product and if your site is being blacklisted by their engine, anyone using their product would be prevented from visiting your site.

How to get my site removed from their blacklist?
If you are a Sucuri customer, just fill a malware removal request in your support dashboard. Our team will double check your site (and clean whatever needs to be cleaned) and contact ESET about it.

If you are not a Sucuri customer (and using our free sitecheck), you will need to make sure your site is cleaned first. Once you do that, email samples@eset.com and they will re-check the site.

Sucuri Labs is also on Twitter at @sucurilabs.