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About Sucuri Research

The goal of Sucuri's Research Lab is to share some of the latest findings that we are seeing in the "wild". Anything related to web site security: malware, spam, phishing and latest attacks are covered here. If you have any question, you can always email us at labs@sucuri.net.

We are also on Twitter at @sucurilabs.

Some of our team members...

  • Daniel Cid

    Daniel is the CTO of Sucuri Security. Twitter: @danielcid

  • Denis Sinegubko

    Denis is a senior researcher at our Research team and the founder of Unmask. Twitter: @unmaskparasites

  • Fioravante Souza

    Fio is a Research Manager at our Security Operations Group. Twitter: @fiocavallari

  • Peter Gramantik

    Peter is a Senior Malware Researcher in our Research team. Twitter: @petergramantik

  • Rodrigo Escobar

    Rodrigo is a Remediation Manager at our Security Operations Group. Twitter: @ipaxdc