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We keep seeing fake jQuery sites popping up and being used to distribute malware. One was jquerys.org, other was jquery-framework.com and the new one is jqueryc.com (

And this new one seems to be affecting many web sites in the last few days. All of them have the following on their header or index.php files:

Which redirects any visitor to the web site to jqueryc.com where it is then sent to other random spammy domains (seems like a TDS is in place).

Update:We are also seeing some sites with this javascript file being included: http://www.jqueryc.com/jquery-1.6.3.min.js, which just redirects back to jqueryc.com via the same window.top.location.href in javascript.

*Note that the domain was just registered (20-nov-2012), so it is not being flagged anywhere.
**The official jquery sites are jquery.org or jquery.com. Other variations are likely fake.